Sunday, 30 September 2012


I was happy to have a second piece accepted for BT Life's a Pitch website this week, particularly because they (a) answer my emails, and (b) pay very well. 

The subject of the article was how the Anfield crowd could see through the poor results (the pitch was made before the victories at WBA and Norwich) and discern genuine signs of improvement under Brendan Rodgers. The impression that the Ulsterman is a man of great perceptiveness and cogency is being confirmed  by the manner of Liverpool's play and the results, not to mention some snippets from the slightly corny Fox documentary, Being: Liverpool

Overall, I thought the BT LAP sub editors did a decent job with the copy I submitted, although they did manage to excise two quite good gags (one comparing Gary Neville to Morrissey, the other describing Hodgson's 4-4-2) that I will keep up my sleeve for a future date. They also removed a phrase that sought out some rapprochement between the Liverpool and Manchester United supporters after the unseemly chanting at the end of last weekend's match. Where I talk of "the furstrations of the American owners to reinforce one of the strongest spines in Europe", I'd added, parenthetically, "in another life, reason enough to foment solidarity between the ordinary supporters at either end of the M56". Oh well. 

Read The Wisdom of the Anfield Crowd.

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