Wednesday, 8 August 2012


For an aspiring writer, the endless effort to find publication at places that actually pay hard currency is gruelling and soul-destroying in equal measure. Thus, it was pleasing to have a first pitch accepted over at BT Life’s a Pitch; even better that, five days later, it was the most popular piece on the site (assuming that wasn’t manually chosen). Its subject matter? Why Spurs should deploy Tom Huddlestone as a libero.

Now, popularity’s not necessarily a good thing with things like this. It could simply be the result of how off-beam the opinion piece was: a car crash has a certain fascination, after all. If you read the first comment, the suggestion is that I’d been “smoking crack”. Nevertheless, a few people sprung to its defence and, overall, it sparked a bit of debate, which, I guess, is what websites are after: traffic, innit. Triffic.

Anyway, irrespective or not of whether I was talking sh*te, it undoubtedly contains the best Stature of Liberty-related pun you’re going to have read on the whole Internet that day. Describing Big Tom as a potentially “statuesque libero,” I went on to say…well, have a look for yourself.